Indulge in a gourmet selection of imported cold cuts and cheeses, ideal as a starter or to share with a group.

Cold Cut
Prosciutto di parma 50g. 200

Air-Dried ham 18m.

Mortadella di bologna 50g. 120
Large pork sausage with pistachio

Prosciutto cotto 50g. 150
Ham fiorucci coocked

Coppa 50g. 120
Dried crude muscle of neck

Salame contadino simonini 50g. 150
Rural traditional aged pork sausage

Spianata romana Fiorucci 50g. 150
Traditional roman aged flat sausage

Nduja calabrese 50g. 150
Fatty ground pork mixed with varying of ground Calabrian chili

Montasio DOP 25g. 60

Cooked curd, semi-hard mature cheese

Pecorino romano 25g. 80
Hard aged pecorino cheese dotted with black truffle

Gorgonzola dolce 25g. 80
Fermented soft and creamy cheese made with cow milk

Taleggio 25g. 60
Semi soft cow cheese

Mixed cold cut and cheese platter (M / L) 450/650
Parma ham, mortadella bologna, nduja calabrese, salame contadino, taleggio, pecorino romano or mixed of your favorite cold cut and cheese served
with marinated olives and focaccia bread


All prices are in Thai Baht / Exclusive of 7% Tax and 10% Service Charge.

Involtini di zucchine grigliate con salsa al gorgonzola dolce 280
Grilled zucchini rolls with cow smoked ricotta
and sweet gorgonzola sauce

Insalata caprese 280
Buffalo mozzarella with garden tomatoes salad, basil pesto, rocket leaves and modena balsamic vinegar

Insalata mista 180
Fresh salad lettuce, rocket, roman, radicchio, olive, tomatoes tossed with balsamic dressing, pecorino romano cheese and roasted walnuts

Bruschette miste 180
Mix grilled bread slice with tomatoes basil and parmesan salsa, garlic chilli anchovies, eggplants “alla parmigiana”, cow ricotta, tomatoes sundries and wild rocket

Prosciutto e melone 260
Parma ham with sweet cantaloupe melon

Carpaccio di manzo 290
Thin sliced raw black angus beef ribeye with wild rocket, capers, shaved parmesan cheese and lemon dressing

Antipasto misto (M / L) 250 / 450
Bruschetta tomatoes and parmesan cheese, baked friggitelli, roasted eggplant salad, marinated orange olive, mortadella pistachio, rural salami, deep fried anchovies

Insalata di mare all Acquasala 320
Sauteed of squids, black mussel, black tiger prawn, clams and seabass fillet with crispy bread,
fresh tomatoes juice, basil oil marinated anchovies capers fruit and fresh lemon

Calamari fritti (M/L) 200 /350
Deep fried squid with lemon

Salmone scottato 280
Fresh Norway seared salmon fillet served with tomatoes gazpacho, basil pine sauce and grissini bread

Caesar salad 230
Cos roman lettuce and radicchio, bacon bits,
bread crouton and anchovies with parmesan dressing


All prices are in Thai Baht / Exclusive of 7% Tax and 10% Service Charge.

Tortelli bolognesi al prosciutto, in brodo di pollo e parmigiano 220
Homemade tortellini stuffed with cured ham, served in a rich chicken broth with crispy pancetta drizzled with chili and extra virgin olive oil.

Creama di zucca e prosciutto croccante 220
Pumpkin cream soup with crispy Parma ham

Zuppa di Pesce alla Napoletana 350
Spiced tomato broth with squid, black mussel and tiger prawn, clams and scallops served with garlic crouton.

Zuppa frantoiana 200
Braised mixed vegetables soup with borlotti bean, chickpeas and crispy focaccia


All prices are in Thai Baht / Exclusive of 7% Tax and 10% Service Charge.

Gourmet Tomato Sauce Base Pizza’s

Margherita 190/260
Basil and Fior di latte mozzarella

Napoletana 200/280
Capers, marinated anchovies and Fior di latte mozzarella

Arrabbiata 200/280
Chilli, garlic, basil and Fior di latte mozzarella

Proscitto e rucola 250/390
Parma ham, rocket, fior di latte mozzarella and parmesan cheese

Alla parmigiana 200/280
Stewed eggplant, fresh basil, shaved parmesan and Fior di latte mozzarella

Funghi e salsiccia 220/350
Mushroom, Italian sausages and Fior di latte mozzarella

Diavola 220/350
Nduja Calabrian spicy salami pecorino shaved and fior di latte mozzarella

4 stagioni 250/360
Pickled artichoke, mushroom sauteed, kalamata olives, cooked ham and Fior di latte mozzarella

Di mare 300/450
Squids, black mussels and shrimps

Basilico Thai (krapao) manzo 220/340
Beef with Thai sauce, hot basil leaves and fior di latte mozzarella


All prices are in Thai Baht / Exclusive of 7% Tax and 10% Service Charge.

White Sauce Base Pizza’s

Alberto’s 320/490
Stuffed cornice with ricotta sauce, sautéed porcini mushroom, fresh black truffle and buffalo mozzarella

Prosciutto rucola e parmigiano 270/390
Parma ham, rocket salad sundry tomatoes and parmesan shaved

Gamberi e zucchini 390/430
Sauteed shrimp with grilled zucchini, ricotta sauce and fior di latte mozzarella

Amalfitana 290/430
Garlic squid, fresh and sundried tomato’s and buffalo mozzarella

Asparagi e salmone 300/450
Grilled Norwegian Salmon, sautéed asparagus, fresh tomatoes salad and fior di latte mozzarella

Pecorino e pepe 270/390
Cooked with ice, grated pecorino Romano black pepper and ricotta sauce

Genovese 260/380
Fresh buffalo mozzarella with Basil pine Pesto sauce, and parmesan shaved

Chang mai salsiccia, ginger sott’aceto, peperoncino verde, aglio e mozzarella 260/380
Chiangmai sausage, pickled ginger, green chili and garlic and fior di latte mozzarella


All prices are in Thai Baht / Exclusive of 7% Tax and 10% Service Charge.

Fettuccine alla Norcina 350
The Umbria medieval town of Norcia

Homemade eggs pasta with Umbria sausages,
summer black truffle and parmesan cheese

Spaghetti alla chitarra con ragu bianco di agnello 300
Homemade eggs spaghetti with white wine braised
Australian lamb leg ragout and marinated ricotta

Ravioli di pesce al pesto e salsa di pomodorini secchi 320 
Stuffed homemade pasta with mixed seafood
in fresh basil and pesto sauce sunried topped with tomatoes sauce

Tagliolini al nero di seppia con Gamberoni di fiume 350
Homemade black squid ink tagliolini in spicy
black sauce served with grilled river prawn

Ravioli di spinaci al cacio e pepe 320
Stuffed homemade pasta with spinach and ricotta, sauteed with pecorino romano and black pepper sauce

Gnocchi di patate alla sorrentina 280
Homemade potatoes dumpling pasta with basil tomatoes sauce and buffalo mozzarella

Gnocchi di patate ai 4 formaggi 320
Potatoes dumpling pasta sauteed in fondue of cheese

Risotto ai porcini e tartufo 350
Italian rice with porcini mushroom and truffle cream sauce

Risotto del pescatore 350
Italian rice with squids, black mussels, clams, grilled tiger prawn and crustacean lemon sauce

Lasagna zucchine e salsiccia 320
Homemade Umbria lasagna with sauteed zucchini, pork sausages, bechamel and parmesan cheese

Lasagna classica 320
Homemade lasagna with beef ragout, bechamel and parmesan cheese


All prices are in Thai Baht / Exclusive of 7% Tax and 10% Service Charge.

Choose your favorite dry pasta between Spaghetti, Penne or Fusilli e orecchiette

Carbonara 270
Dried pork cheek, pecorino romano and free-range eggs yolk and cream sauce

Bolognese 270
Beef ragout and parmesan cheese

Aglio olio e pepperoncino 220
Extra virgin olive oil, garlic, chili, parsley and parmesan cheese

Amatriciana 260
Tomatoes sauce, sauteed pancetta and parmesan cheese

Arrabbiata 220
Garlic, chili, tomatoes sauce and parmesan cheese

Al pomodoro 200
Tomatoes sauce, fresh basil and parmesan cheese

Vongole 320
Sauteed fresh clams in garlic, chili and white wine sauce

Tom Yum di pesce 320
Squids, black mussel, shrimps with Thai Tom Yam flavor


All prices are in Thai Baht / Exclusive of 7% Tax and 10% Service Charge.

Spigola al cartoccio 490
Sea-bass fillet with potatoes, capers, olives, tomatoes cherry and lemon butter served in wrapped paper

Gligliata mista di pesce con salsa all’aglio 690
Mix grilled of tiger prawns, black mussels, whole squids and salmon with garlic mayo, fresh lemon and grilled vegetable

Cozze saltate al pomodoro piccanti 420
Sauteed black mussels in light tomatoes,
with fresh chili, basil and bread crouton garlic bread


All prices are in Thai Baht / Exclusive of 7% Tax and 10% Service Charge.

Stico di agnello con polenta di formaggio 520
Braised Australian lamb shank with creamed taleggio cheese polenta

Polenta con spuntature di maiale e salsicce al pomodoro 390
Italian cooked corn polenta flour topped with
kurotuta braised pork ribs and grilled Italian sausages with tomatoes san marzano sauce, grated parmesan and pecorino cheese

Ossobuco di vitello con risotto allo zafferano 520
Braised marrow-bone of veal with creamy saffron arborio risotto

Galletto alla diavola con verdure grigliate 390
Who’e roasted spicy baby chicken with mixed grilled organic vegetable fired and whiskey


All prices are in Thai Baht / Exclusive of 7% Tax and 10% Service Charge.

All grilled dish is accompanied from 1 side dish and 1 sauce

Australian grain fed beef tenderloin 250g. 750

Thailand Black Angus Beef (365-days) with cereal and fruit fed dried age 27- days by Italian expertise

Florentine Steak (1.2kg. Pcs. for 4 persons sharing) 2,900
Florentine Steak (0.6kg. Pcs. for 2 persons sharing) 1,600

Black Angus Beef ribeye 250g. 750

Pork Chop 300g. 420

Australian Lamb rack frenched 800/1,550
(Half rack 4 rib Full rack 8 ribs)

Black Tiger Prawn (80-100g. per pcs.) 250/100g.

Grilled Lobster Approx. 350g. 1,200

All prices are in Thai Baht / Exclusive of 7% Tax and 10% Service Charge.

Side dish

Broccoletti ripassati 120
Baby broccoli sauteed with wine

Patate arrosto 120
Roasted rosemary potatoes

Friggitelli ripieni 120
Baked baby capsicum stuffed with sundried tomatoes and parmesan cheese

Verdure grigliate 120
Organic mixed season vegetable

Insalata di arucola 120
Wild fresh rocket salad with datterino tomatoes balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil

Funghi ripassati 120
Sautted champignon and porcini mushroom with butter and wine sauce


All prices are in Thai Baht / Exclusive of 7% Tax and 10% Service Charge.

4 Formaggi 120
4 Cheese cream

Salsa di pomodoro 120
Fresh and tomatoes sauce

Riduzione di manzo e vino rosso 120
Beef stock reduction with red wine

Pepe verde 120
Green pepper, garlic and cream

Burro e limone 120
Butter lemon and pink pepper

Nam chin salsa picante thailandese 120
Garlic, coriander chilli fish sauce and lime


All prices are in Thai Baht / Exclusive of 7% Tax and 10% Service Charge.

Profiteroles al caramello e cioccolato 190
Profiteroles filled with ice cream drizzled in caramel and dark chocolate sauce

Traditional Tiramisu 190
Coffee, chocolate and mascarpone sponge savoiardi cookies cake

Pannacotta al cioccolato salsa di fragole, e caramello salato 190
Jelly milk chocolate with strawberry mint salad and salty caramel

Torta alle mele con gelato alla vaniglia 190
Apples sponge cake with vanilla ice cream

Cannolo siciliano 190
tube shaped shells fried pastry, filled with whipped ricotta and mascarpone cheeses with chocolate, pistachio and amaretto sauce

Pizza e Nutella 180
Pizza with Italian hazelnuts and coco spread


All prices are in Thai Baht / Exclusive of 7% Tax and 10% Service Charge.

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